Micheline visited her adoptive child in the Philippines

As a union activist, Micheline wants to support colleagues all over the world. Since a few years, she supports the child of a Philippine union representative with a monthly donation. This way, the Philippine girl, Ella, can go to school while her father can focus on union work without the financial worries.
The extra financial support that I can give through the G3W project, ensures that Ella can continue her education.

In 2014 Micheline became godmother of Ella, a sever-year-old Philippine girl. After writing a couple of letters, Micheline had the opportunity to meet Ella in person this summer. We asked her how her experience impacted her view of the project: “thanks to my visit, I can better imagine her life, eating and sleeping in a small house, playing with friends in the streets, grandmother living close by, the neighbors’ little shops in the streets, .... I also have a better understanding of the work of her father. Micheline could compare her own experience in Belgium with the experience of a Philippine union activist. The comparison was interesting: “Circumstances for union work in Belgium differ a lot from the work in the Philippines. Ella’s father lost his job for fighting against social injustice. He has little chance of being hired for another job. As a full-time trade union representative, he has a very limited income. The extra support that I can give through the project of TWHA, ensures that Ella can continue her education.

Micheline also discovered which labour rights her Philippine colleagues fight for. “Philippine workers often have temporary contracts, unrightful dismissal happens every day. Ella’s father told me about a new road that will be constructed soon. Many workers will be foreced to move. Many of them don’t even know where they will end up with their family.”

Michele could see that her longstanding support made a difference: “ Philippine trade union activists can use all the help they can get in their fight against social injustice. That is why I am so conviced about my decision to financially support Ella. I know that I don't only help the education of one girl, but also that I support the local fight against social injustice”.

If you want to financially adopt a child of a Philippine activist, please get in touch with Lena (Lena@vivasalud.be).

Micheline visited her adoptive child in the Philippines | Viva Salud


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