Gabriela | Filippijnen

An extended network and a large number of members are Gabriela’s mobilizing force.
Women helping women

Gabriela’s active members often come from the communities in which they work and live. They listen to the problems of women in their neighborhoods. These problems include domestic violence, alcoholism, loss of income, health problems,… Gabriela does not provide instant solutions to all those problems but looks for ways to battle them together. Women getting moral support from other women The moral support women get from other women is key.

Ending violence against women 

Gabriela has been running campaigns against sexual violence and abuse for a number of years now as sexual violence is frequent in the Philippines. They seek to make women more resilient and make sure they can stand up for themselves. Gabriela has a small team of experts working on this issue in each community.

Consing testifies

"The biggest change our neighborhood has seen comes from the fact that we are now able to stage activities in the interest of all inhabitants. We have urged the local authorities to organize garbage collection for example. We have also created a community garden where we grow vegetables and medicinal herbs. Our first harvest even raised some extra income for the community. The herbs gave us an instant remedy for our children’s coughs. Violence against women has also been put on the agenda, something that has always been far from obvious. Talking to victims made them feel supported and helped them regain their self-confidence. Before Gabriela came here, everyone was left to rely on themselves and all these things would have never happened."